Q&A for the Dandenong Journal

Grew up: Brisbane.

Based: I have lived in Isaacs for 29 years.

Your job: For many years I served in the Australian Army, I now work as a management consultant.

Vision for Isaacs: My number one priority is to see jobs created for families in Isaacs. I will fight to stop Labor’s SkyRail disaster along our train lines and work to ensure our local volunteer firefighters are respected and protected from Labor’s union takeover of the CFA.

Embarrassing moment: Failing in an attempt to pull open a sliding door whilst being watched by the amused staff in the office.

Pub meal: Fish and chips.

Greatest achievement: Leading Australian soldiers in 3 armoured regiments during a 20 year Army career.

Childhood memory: Surfing the Burleigh Heads break on the Gold Coast

Community involvement: I established Mentone Track and Field Centre, Friends of Mentone Station & Gardens Inc and Mordialloc Creek Community Group. We had a $300,000 polyurethane running track installed, saved Mentone Station Gardens from destruction, had Mordialloc Creek dredged, raised $1m for Creek wave abatement, and more.

What are you passionate about: Helping people.

What makes you angry: Seeing those less able to stand up for themselves being taken advantage of. Thugs and bullies of all types shouldn’t be tolerated.

Nickname: Gaz

Why run for Isaacs? Service to my community has been a passion whether in the military or as a civilian. I am bitterly disappointed that the community keep missing out locally because our MP is more interested in having a big title rather than delivering locally.

Favourite book: ‘Monash’ by Roland Perry.

Favourite movie: Zulu.

Favourite country visited: USA. My youngest daughter was born there while I was attached to the US Army.

Marriage equality: I support the plebiscite and as an MP would vote to respect the local result in Parliament.

Transport: We need to cut congestion which is why a re-elected Turnbull Liberal Government will invest $500 million to widen the Monash and $75 million to tackle urban congestion hotspots. As a local MP I will fight Labor’s plans to remove South Yarra and Richmond stations from the Dandenong line which will make it harder for locals to get to work or to the footy. Will also substantially improve Thompsons Road locally and work to accelerate the building of the Mordialloc Bypass.

Negative gearing: Bill Shorten’s and Labor’s reckless negative gearing policy will drive down the value of Australian homes and will also increase rents. The majority of Australians who use negative gearing are middle income Australians just trying to build a future for their families; around two thirds have a taxable income of less than $80,000. I will fight to stop Labor’s attack on those hardworking locals trying to get ahead.

Medicare: Anyone who says Medicare is being privatised is a liar. Medicare funding is at record levels, and even Labor admits bulk billing rates have never been higher than they are under the Liberals.

Other election issues: Isaacs needs a full time MP, one who is not embarrassed to live in the community he represents. My key priorities are to see jobs created for local families, to tackle the scourge of ice and drive crime down given the massive rise in crime and gang related activity in Dandenong last year.

Preference – dogs or cats: I have taken in a retired guide dog and a cat. Both are great.

Why vote for you: Isaacs is my home and I am passionate about helping people. In this very uncertain world, Australia needs political stability and a strong economic plan for jobs and families. As part of Malcolm Turnbull’s team I will work to deliver our Plan for a Strong New Economy will provide growth, jobs, a secure future and a strong local voice for Isaacs’ families and communities.