Dreyfus can’t hide behind Labor weasel words on SkyRail

Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, has repeated his demand that Labor MP Mark Dreyfus come clean and let the community know if he supports elevated rail of any kind which will ruin the local amenity and slash house prices throughout Isaacs.

“Locals want rail under road level crossing removals. That is what they expected,” Mr Spencer said.

Garry questioned why Mark Dreyfus would demand that Labor Public Transport Minister, Jacinta Allan, release a deviously worded statement this week in a blatant attempt pull the wool over local residents’ eyes before the federal election.

“Mark Dreyfus can’t hide behind Labor’s weasel words. Whether Labor wants to call it SkyRail or not, whether it is 23km of continuous elevated rail or several multi-kilometre stretches, people don’t want it,” Mr Spencer said.

“With 16 days to go before the federal election does Mark Dreyfus stand with the local community or does he support Labor’s plan for elevated rail along the Frankston Line?” Mr Spencer asked.

Garry said the local community is angry that not a single local elected Labor representative has stood up for them. He vowed that if he is elected he will fight to ensure that Labor do not destroy the local community with its elevated rail plans.

“Mark Dreyfus and his local state Labor MP colleagues have refused to stand up for our community and demand that any form of elevated rail be abandoned,” Mr Spencer said.

“It’s very simple; a vote for Labor at any level is a vote for SkyRail.

“Not a single Labor MP, state or federal, has stood up for their communities which face having their local amenity and property prices destroyed for over 100 years by Labor’s cheap and nasty SkyRail plan.

“People in Isaacs aren’t stupid. Mark Dreyfus must come clean to residents along the Frankston Line regarding Labor’s plans for any form of elevated rail before the election on July 2,” Mr Spencer said.