Spencer steps up fight to stop Labor closing Abbotts Road

Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, is ramping up the fight to keep Abbotts Road in Dandenong South open. In February Labor’s Level Crossing Removal Authority announced their preferred option was closing, “…Abbotts Road at the level crossing permanently.”

“Labor has botched the Abbotts Road level crossing removal with its second rate proposal to close this road many locals rely on,” Mr Spencer said.

“The closure of Abbotts Road might not be a big deal if you live in Malvern like Mark Dreyfus, but it means a lot to the people and businesses in and around Dandenong South.”

Garry continues to develop a campaign with local residents and small business who will be significantly affected if Labor’s second rate solution of Abbotts Road goes ahead.

“Closing Abbotts Road is an act of sheer lunacy. It will severely damage hundreds of businesses nearby, cost jobs, and force commuters to travel further in heavy traffic,” Mr Spencer said.

“We can put pressure on Labor to change their minds with the July election. A vote for Labor is a vote for this second rate solution,” Mr Spencer said.

At a meeting in March, hundreds of local residents and business owners expressed their deep anger and concern about the proposed closure. Yet Labor hasn’t listened.

“The Victorian Labor Government are walking all over these businesses and I won’t let them. Locals in this region are tired of their local Labor MPs failing to properly represent them,” Mr Spencer said.

Those affected by Labor’s plan to close Abbotts Road can find more information and petitions at www.garryspencer.com.au.



Labor’s LXRA consultation documents can be found at: www.ingapeulich.org/media-releases/labor-to-permanently-close-abbotts-road