Back the Plan That’s Working for Isaacs

Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, has called on Isaacs residents to back the Turnbull Liberal Government’s Plan for a Strong New Economy to create jobs and growth.

“The Turnbull Liberal Government’s Plan for a Strong New Economy is the foundation on which we can build a brighter, more secure future, in a stronger, new economy with more jobs,” Mr Spencer said.

Mr Spencer championed the Turnbull Liberal Government’s Plan which will provide jobs and growth and a secure future for Australian families through:

  • An innovation and science programme bringing more Australian ideas to market, providing tax incentives to invest in start-up businesses and helping prepare our children for the jobs of the future by boosting participation in science, technology, engineering and maths.
  • A new Transport Plan for Victoria to tackle congestion, improve productivity and create jobs. We will also support any Victorian Government that commits to build the East West Link.
  • Export trade deals to generate 19,000 new export opportunities, give our farmers a competitive edge and open doors into expanding markets for our service industries.
  • Tax cuts and incentives for small businesses and hard working families.
  • A sustainable budget with crackdowns on tax avoidance and loopholes.
  • Guaranteed funding for health, education and roads.

“My number one priority is to see jobs created for local families and the Turnbull Liberal Government has the plans to deliver for our community,” Mr Spencer said.

“With just 51 days until polling day the choice is clear; we can support a plan for jobs and growth, or go back to the chaos of Labor, with its higher taxing, higher spending, debt and deficit agenda, which will stop our nation’s transition to the new economy dead in its tracks,” Mr Spencer said.

Between now and polling day Mr Spencer will be in the community talking about the Turnbull Liberal Government’s positive agenda for the future.

“I am running a strong, grassroots campaign and I am listening to the concerns of the Isaacs community. I look forward to hearing from many more local residents about what matters to them,” Mr Spencer said.

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