Isaacs wins with Turnbull Government’s $1.5 billion infrastructure plan

Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, welcomed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s announcement of the Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan.

“The Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan is a huge win for Isaacs,” Mr Spencer said.

Mr Spencer said the Coalition’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan is focused on upgrading infrastructure to cut Melbourne’s traffic congestion crisis.

“Critically for the people of Isaacs, this plan includes $500 million to upgrade the clogged Monash Freeway and $75 million to tackle local congestion hotspots,” Mr Spencer said.

“Traffic congestion is a real concern to residents of Isaacs. Smart investment in road and rail infrastructure across Melbourne will help our city grow and ensure local families are not stuck in traffic for hours each day,” Mr Spencer said.

“Every time a road is built, local priorities like the Mordialloc Bypass move a step closer. Even though the State Liberals promised $200m to build the Mordialloc Bypass to connect the Peninsula Freeway to the Dingley Bypass, Labor are suggesting they don’t think it is needed until 2048. Anyone who travels Wells Road, White Street, Nepean Highway or Boundary Road knows 2048 is complete nonsense,” Mr Spencer said.

The Turnbull Government has also indicated that $3 billion of federal funding remains available to any Victorian government that builds the entire East West Link.

“Victorians are rightly confused and angry that Labor wasted $1.1 billion not to build the East West Link, a project that Infrastructure Australia has determined to be a high priority initiative,” Mr Spencer said.

“The Turnbull Government remains committed to the East West Link, and the Coalition’s offer of $3 billion still stands should any Victorian Government decide to proceed,” Mr Spencer said.

Other elements of the plan include the final upgrades of the Western Ring Road, planning work on the Melbourne Metro project and multi-million dollar road safety upgrade of regional roads to be mutually agreed between the Australian and Victorian governments.

Mr Spencer encourages Isaacs commuters to find out more at