Campaign for Isaacs hots up

As part of Malcolm Turnbull’s team, Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, has the experience to deliver real results for Isaacs. Garry has been meeting the local community and listening to their priorities and says the message is clear.

“Locals really resent that Isaacs, their home, has been taken for granted by its Labor MP. It’s time to elect a local,” Mr Spencer said.


As a local himself, Garry understands the priorities of the community.

“My first priority is seeing jobs created for local families. Isaacs is home to a large part of south east Melbourne’s industrial and manufacturing base. Ensuring strong economic management and opening up new markets through free trade creates local jobs for local families,” Mr Spencer said.

Garry is committed to stopping Labor’s deplorable SkyRail proposal from dividing our local community.

“It is simple; we do not want Labor’s SkyRail. A vote for Labor at any level is a vote for four storey train lines dividing our community and driving down local property values,” Mr Spencer said.

“The anger over SkyRail is white hot. We all want level crossings removed, but SkyRail is not what people voted for. Our local community voted for rail under roads, not Labor’s cheap, second rate solution that will destroy bayside Melbourne,” Mr Spencer said.

Investing in infrastructure and tackling traffic congestion is another major concern to local residents.

“Talking with locals in all parts of the electorate it is clear traffic congestion is eating away at our community’s liveability, and nobody accepts the 2046 Mordialloc Bypass timeframe Labor MPs talk about,” Mr Spencer said.

“Too many hours of the day are wasted by locals stuck in traffic. This means less time at home with their family and doing what they want. That’s why I support the Turnbull Government’s $1.5 billion Victorian Transport Plan which will tackle congestion throughout Melbourne and on our local roads.”

Garry is married with three adult children, and wants to make the region an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

“I will work with the community to help create jobs, stop SkyRail and see that local infrastructure is upgraded to tackle traffic congestion. It is time to elect a local in Isaacs,” Mr Spencer said.

“Whether at a State or National level, Isaacs is being ignored by Labor. I will work with the community to ensure that Isaacs has a strong and passionate voice in Canberra to see real results delivered,” Mr Spencer said.

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