Abbotts Road crossing win shows SkyRail can be beaten

Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Garry Spencer, has congratulated the local community for their part in shaming Labor into keeping Abbotts Road in Dandenong South open for traffic.

“Working together, we’ve had a great win with a community that was sick of being ridden roughshod by Labor,” Mr Spencer said.

Garry called on those local residents fighting SkyRail along the Frankston and Dandenong train lines to take heart from the victory.

“Make no mistake, Labor’s SkyRail, supported by Mark Dreyfus, will destroy the character of our community,” Mr Spencer said.

“A vote for Labor is a vote for SkyRail.”

“Like this win at Abbotts Road, we can beat SkyRail, but only if a clear message is sent at the election on the 2nd of July. The only way Labor will listen is if locals work together and put them last on their ballot paper,” Mr Spencer said.

In February, the Victorian Labor Government announced its cut price proposal to remove the Abbotts Road level crossing was to permanently block through traffic and redirect it on to other roads.

“The Labor Government’s second rate solution would have made life a nightmare for commuters and local businesses,” Mr Spencer said.

“What I find incredible is that not a single local Labor MP spoke out in opposition to this ludicrous proposal. They all just toed the Labor line,” Mr Spencer said.

Garry praised the work of local businessman, Lindsay Bull, who set about gathering local support to force a change.

“It has been fantastic working alongside Lindsay. Gathering petition signatures, holding meetings and building community support made a big difference.”

“It is up to all Isaacs residents to keep up the fight and make sure we defeat Labor’s SkyRail proposal, and demand a rail under road solution which adds value, in a similar fashion,” Mr Spencer said.


(Note: Inga Peulich MLC assisted, including tabling the petition in Parliament with 677 signatures)